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Modern office, yet archaic mind: Dealing with stress in the legal practice

By Tina De Maere  – April 27, 2022


We use our own mind in the same way as our ancestors did. 

The power of habit in the legal practice

Over the last decade, however, science has gained many new insights into how we can use our mind optimally and how we can efficiently deal with the stress inherent in today’s legal practice. 


John Bargh is a professor at Yale University and studies the human mind and behavioral science. He describes in his book ‘Before You Know It – The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do’ what he discovered during his long career. As he explains in this most interesting talk to Yale students, his most important insight is that the most effective control over yourself is not obtained through willpower, but through the efficient use of the unconscious forces of the mind. Professor Bargh concludes that there is a much greater power available within us than willpower. He literally writes: 


“As it happens, people who are better able to self-control – who get better grades, are healthier and exercise more, are less overweight, don’t smoke, make more money, have happier personal relationships – are not the ones who exert willpower more than the rest of us do. It is just the opposite.” (p. 264) 


What your conscious mind can automate through the power and speed of your unconscious mind, soon becomes a good habit and therefore happens automatically. In this way, you can save an enormous amount of energy, which can be put to more useful use elsewhere.


Learning how to control your mind

The question is how long you can still function efficiently in this fast-paced world without such modern control of your mind. If we use our mind the way our ancestors did for centuries, we are missing out on a lot. We don’t use an old typewriter in the office, do we? No, in the office we are using high speed computers and even algorithms and artificial intelligence… 


How to use and control your mind most efficiently can easily be learned. This way you can help prevent stress and its consequences, and use your mind optimally for great projects. Understanding the optimal interaction between your conscious and subconscious mind and learning a number of exercises gives a boost to your personal skills. 

More energy and focus in the legal practice 

You get more energy, comfort, confidence and focus. Even if you think (rightly) that you are doing quite well today! The question is: Do you want to stay ahead and use the most modern techniques that are perfectly applicable in the legal profession?


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