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Legal hiring, reinvented. Connect to legal talent and customize your staff to empower your company

Limine provides companies with the fastest way to directly access vetted top legal talent for interim, on-demand and permanent assignments.

Our way of doing business


You have a direct line with high-end legal talents on the market. As a company you have complete cost-control as you know in advance what you pay for your legal service provider and what you pay for our Limine services. As a legal service provider, you know how much the markup is on your work.

Trust & quality

Only the best legal partners who have passed our extensive vetting process get in, making absolutely sure you only work with the top.

Convenient & flexible

24/7 access. Whether it is for quickly resolving a legal issue or an assignment for three months, a year or a permanent role , whether you are sitting in the sun at the beach, on your couch at midnight or your office desk, you get to connect with your unique legal partner. Our extensive full digital database is at your disposal. Find your next opportunity or your legal partner - any time, any place.


Connect & collaborate

Connect instantly with the right legal talent of your choice. Let them do an amazing job for you, whichever industry you’re in.

LIMINE also takes care of your administration so you can focus on what really counts.


Looking for a legal assignment?

Join our network and tap into endless opportunities. Create new business streams, take control of your professional career and work on the most exciting projects in innovative companies.

Whether you are looking for a long or short-term assignment or a permanent role, Limine  has got what you want.

Thanks to our all-in-one digital solution, you are free to communicate and negotiate directly with the company yourself when and where you see fit.

Clients about LIMINE

How to get started?

Easy. We have you connected in 3 steps.


Tell us what you need

Fill out a project brief online or contact one of our team experts. Our smart matching system selects the best profiles for you, corresponding to your needs and requirements for the assignment.

Meet the best profiles

Choose your legal partner on a short list of the 3 best-fitted profiles. Send a direct proposal or set up an interview. All for free.

Work together

Seal the deal online and do an amazing job together.



Fill out online your profile, your experience, practices and availabilities.

Get selected

Based on your profile and preferences, our smart matching system selects you for the most fitting assignments. Receive a direct proposal from our client or meet, negotiate and seal the deal.

Get to work

Do an amazing job while working together with our client and develop further your legal skills!