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LIMINE is the First Premium Online Legal Consultancy platform offering actual value for your money

Let’s break it down and compare with how a legal consultancy recruitment is typically handled on the market:

Access to the best fitting profiles or assignments available?
Yes. We always propose the top 3 best matches, selected by our AI algorithm. We won’t propose profiles or assignments based on which we have the highest commission.
No.Two or more profiles are picked out of the database and proposed to you, but you don’t know whether these are the best fitting profiles or assignments available for you.
Complete cost control? Direct negotiations of your rates?
Yes. Using Limine, you have the opportunity to directly negotiate the rates. Absolute cost control is guaranteed and you know Limine’s commission fee upfront.
No. There is no direct line between the client and legal consultant. You receive an all-in price. In most cases you don’t know how much the consultant is actually charging and how much the commission for the traditional intermediary party really is.
Access to an efficient tool that facilitates your administration?
Yes. We offer you access to our integrated time registration tool, so that you can verify easily the worked hours or days per month. An automatic invoice is then created so that the invoice and payment process goes smoothly.
Maybe. But it often requires an external platform that comes with a license fee, or a complicated Excel data sheet.