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Freelance legal work: more than just giving advice

By Tina De Maere  – November 7, 2022

Freelance legal work: more than just giving advice

You want to start working as a freelance legal expert or expand the services you offer. Of course, giving legal advice to businesses is the obvious thing to do as a freelance legal consultant.

Besides giving legal advice, there are a few services you might be able to offer as a freelance legal consultant with quite a significant demand. All of these, and more, are often requested by businesses using Limine. So make sure to make your account right now and start offering these high-paying in-demand services to businesses.

Legal document drafting and correcting

One of the most sought-after skills in the freelance legal workspace is being able to draft a solid and well-written contract or legal document. Almost every business has contracts and legal documents that seriously need revision or optimization.

There are many types of legal documents that benefit from a thorough revision by an expert. Here are some examples:

  • Website terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Invoice terms and conditions
  • Sales agreements

It is a good idea to specialize in a certain type of legal document. First, when you profile yourself as an expert, you can ask for a premium. Next, by specializing in a certain field, you can often reduce the research time needed to revise or draft a legal document. Finally, of course, there needs to be a big enough market to ensure you have a consistent business. 

Research and discovery

Businesses planning to acquire another company or initiate a merger will want to know the ins and outs of the firm they have their eyes set on. Many businesses also want a clear view of the legal risks and opportunities they might be missing. 

Research and discovery for businesses is a challenging but well-paying endeavor for a freelance legal expert. In many cases, the projects have a large budget, offer consistent work for the long term and allow you to be intellectually satisfied. 

Due to these kinds of projects, you also get to meet many people related to the business you are working with. Thus allowing you to make a name for yourself easier and bring in new clients much faster. 

Assisting in negotiations

Freelance legal consultants are often a very valuable asset to have during negotiations. Both behind the screen and at the table, legal input is required to ensure the negotiations go smoothly and that there are no surprises during and after. 

Businesses strongly value someone who can put the matters at hand into binding legal documents without changing the spirit of the agreement. So even if you are a silent member of the negotiating party, it is easy to show your value by ensuring the deal goes through as intended and promises are put into legally binding documents. 

Drafting court conclusions

During certain months of the year, law firms get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do in a short time. The bottleneck is often the documents they must provide to the court to move a case forward. In particular, there is a demand for legal experts with the knowledge and skills to write conclusions for the court. 

Law firms often look for a freelance legal expert with a background as a lawyer. So if you were a lawyer in the past and have nostalgic feelings but don’t want to commit to being full-time, this is the perfect way to dip your toe into the water once more. 

Are you interested in working as a freelance legal consultant? Then, make your Limine account, and start acquiring new clients today!