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Connect and collaborate with your legal consultant

LIMINE provides you a direct line with the best legal consultants on the market. You introduce your assignment and we propose you our top 3 best fitted profiles. You choose who you want to work with.

Pay less
for the same service

Using our platform is the easiest way to stay in control of your legal budget. LIMINE works with a fixed commission of 15%, whereas other third parties will ask commissions up to 37% for the same service.

You could save


/ month *

for your consultant using LIMINE.

*based on average commission & negotiation margins

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Pay less for the same service

Using LIMINE you pay less for legal consultants, providing the same top quality of legal services. 

Our platform works with a fixed commission of 15%, whereas traditional third parties charge you (at least) between 30 and 37% commission. 

The example says it all..

LIMINE is your legal connector
We are...


From introducing assignments, selecting profiles and contracting: our platform is digital from A-Z, which will help you save time.


You have 24/7 access to our platform.


Negotiate directly with the legal consultant. You are in absolute control of your budget. No black box regarding our commission either. Limine’s commission is a flat fee of 15% on the consultant’s rates per day or per hour.

No cure no pay

You only pay when the work is done. Fair and square. No expensive monthly subscriptions.


A smart matching system allows us to continue to improve the quality of our matches, making sure you always get the best fitted match of our top legal consultants.


You can find a solution for your legal assignment within 48 hours, or less, thanks to our vast database of top market legal consultants.


We provide the right solution for your specific needs


LIMINE only offers top of the market legal consultants
How do we get the best?

How to get started?


Looking for a legal assignment?

You like freedom above all in your professional career?  You like to thrive in different business and legal environments, to meet interesting people in all kind of industries and to challenge your legal genius?  Whether you are looking for a long or short term assignment, LIMINE has got what you want. 

Thanks to our all-in-one digital solution, you are free to communicate and negotiate directly with the company yourself, when and where you see fit.