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Why an algorithm can find legal consultants faster than a thousand human brains combined

By Tina De Maere  – September 15, 2022

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How does the human brain work? According to psychologist Daniel Kahneman, our mind consists of two main systems. 

The first one is in charge of impulsive, automated decision-making, like braking when a pedestrian crosses the road or buying a bag of chips in the supermarket because you feel hungry. The second system helps us to make more complex, well-considered and high-priority decisions. Examples could be making a move in chess, choosing the right school for your kids or… finding the perfect legal consultant for an open position.

An algorithm finds legal interims within the snap of a finger

Generally speaking, people are relatively good at making use of this conscious part. However, in comparison to a computer, the human brain works slowly and inefficiently and is prone to mistakes. When we think long and hard, for example, we might be able to cite a poem or sing the lines of a song we used to love as a kid. Likewise, after some thorough searching, we should be able to fill an open legal interim position with the right consultant. 

An algorithm, however, by using the memory of a computer, can perform these tasks within a matter of seconds. For instance: press control + f in an e-book and find back every word or sentence that has been written; learn your algorithm to play chess or Go and it will beat every grandmaster in the world that is willing to take up the challenge. And if you need to find a freelance legal counsel for an interim or ad hoc assignment, an algorithm can provide you with all the relevant information within the snap of a finger.

Smart tools help us move forward in the rigid world of legal consultancy 

So, contrary to the human brain, an algorithm is lightning fast, time-efficient and almost completely flawless.

Platforms like LIMINE have converted these smart tools into usable matching fora for both legal consultants who are looking for jobs and enterprises who need to fill their open positions. As an alternative to the traditional, time-consuming approach, these platforms use data and an algorithm to determine which freelancer fits best to a company. In the end, it’s all about trying to move forward in the conservative, rigid world of legal consultancy!

The search for legal freelancers requires a human touch

Certainly, these systems have their own flaws. Even though algorithms are way better at processing huge amounts of information, they cannot think in the abstract like people can. That’s why platforms like LIMINE also keep in mind the human touch that an algorithm needs to function properly. By screening all of the applicants before registering them, they ensure enterprises who sign up to the platform that they will only be matched with the best of the best. 

Concerned about the pace with which these technologies are moving forward? Don’t worry, robots will not be taking over the world anytime soon. However, in the near future, LIMINE might just start conquering the legal market.

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