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5 Legal tasks you should outsource to freelancers

By Tina De Maere  – March 14, 2024

Every business encounters various legal tasks and hurdles. However, having an in-house legal expert is not realistic or financially feasible for every company. Whether you are a startup or an SME, outsourcing to freelance legal experts on a per-hour or per-assignment basis is an effective way to obtain legal clarity quickly without incurring large costs.

Here are 5 legal tasks for which you can rely on a legal services freelancer to get things done:

Contract drafting and reviewing

No business operates without contracts. Solid agreements are the backbone of a business relationship. By hiring a legal professional with the necessary expertise in your industry, you can ensure your interests are protected and legally enforceable.

By hiring a freelancer, you gain a legal contract expert without committing to costly long-term hires. Often, you can negotiate with your freelance expert on a price-per-contract basis, allowing you to easily budget your legal costs going forward.

Legal research

Is your legal department overworked or are deadlines looming on the horizon? A freelance legal expert can assist with time-consuming tasks like reviewing case law, precedents, and drafting advice. By using Limine, you can easily find experts with a proven track record in legal research.

This way, you can alleviate the pressure on your current workforce and ensure there are no costly delays due to legal bottlenecks. By using a freelance expert, you avoid committing to long-term contracts and have more flexibility in enhancing your team’s knowledge. You can opt to work by the hour or a fixed rate per project.


Every industry is governed by compliance rules. When breaking into a new industry or expanding your business, these compliance issues often pose hurdles for growth and decision-making. Having access to an on-demand legal professional allows you to quickly obtain the necessary information and advice when regulatory hurdles appear.

Hiring the right person is crucial when facing compliance challenges. With Limine, selecting someone with the right sector experience is easy, fast, and affordable.

Intellectual property management

A growing business often has a large intellectual property portfolio that needs to be managed. Intellectual property like trademarks, patents, and copyrights need to be enforced to ensure your bottom line is not negatively affected.

A freelance intellectual property expert is a great option to help you with registration, monitoring, and enforcing your rights. A freelancer who works by the hour is beneficial for businesses that only need periodic reviews of their intellectual property deadlines and challenges.

(Second) legal opinions

Planning to launch a new product? About to expand your business into a new country or industry? Having someone with the necessary experience in the specific new compliance rules your business needs to adhere to is crucial. A freelance legal expert can assist in drafting initial advice or help your current legal team by providing a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas.

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